14 Apr 2013


believe it or not this time I am actually doing this post on a sunday like I'm supposed to. feels like you only just read the last one a few days ago? well that's right because last week I messed up and didn't have my laptop with me over the weekend only to realise that I was supposed to be writing my 'a week in meals' post. so it went up on wednesday in the end. well but today I'm doing it on the exact day I wanted to and I have quite a few things to show you. I've been over in the UK for just over a week now and is it happens when I'm here we always end up having (a lot of) good food.

my first day in the UK that wasn't extremely busy was a very nice spring day up in north wales. we went into town and had a cheeky creme egg mcflurry at mcdonalds. I don't usually go there but can't really say no to some ice cream on a lovely day.

then in the evening my boyfriends lovely mum made us a rather lovely sunday/monday lunch. we took part making our first ever yorkshire puddings which I have to say weren't all that bad.

as we can't do nothing especially when we're up north we went to liverpool for the day on tuesday as it's not far at all and we wanted to go to the cinema to see finding nemo in 3D. before the cinema we got a little boots meal deal including this (rather lovely) pulled pork and apple sandwich and a new spring edition to the innocent smoothie range which is peach and apricot. I adore smoothies.

I knew I had to go to barburrito when we went to liverpool because there are none down south and we missed out on going to the one in manchester. they made me fall in love with burritos so you should definitely get one if you ever find yourself near one of their shops. (find out more about barburrito here)

did I say I have a lot of food when I'm in the UK? well I meant A LOT. after we got back from liverpool us and my boyfriends mum went to the chip shop to get some fish and chips. proper british and proper lovely. 

wednesday was the day we went back down south so we had a rather early start and a breakfast at pret when we arrived in cardiff. I had an artisan baguette with italian ham and basil. (more about pret in my post here)

in the evening we were just rather tired and couldn't get our brains to come up with anything more creative than pasta with red pesto and chicken. can't go wrong with that though can you.

thursday was our first proper day down south and we had things planned. we wanted to go to morrisons and get shopping for the week. but as it started raining (quite a lot) and morrisons is a bit of a walk away we decided to just pop to tesco and get the things we really needed. 

this meal was entirely my boyfriends idea and it was a brilliant one I must say. well it's basically an omelette but after frying it as you do he put cheese on top and put it in the oven like a pizza so it wasn't all that runny on top. to go with it we had some greek salad. (find the boyfriends blog here)

friday we did all the shopping we were meant to do thursday and that took us quite a while as we like to spend some time looking around. I love shopping for food a lot more than shopping for anything else that's for sure.

in the evening I made a little salmon risotto kind of meal because we found some lovely salmon the day before and I love it. (find a similar recipe here)

yesterday mr was in work in the evening so we decided we'd have a 'light snack' before he went to work and I went into town. ummm well that didn't go too well did it? our light snack is a cheddar and onion muffin with scrambled egg and sausage. might have to practice the light snack thing, but it was delicious anyway.

for late dinner I made a simple pasta dish which is penne with truffled mushroom sauce. I'll post a little recipe for that if you'd like? let me know in the comments!

and today, yes exactly today! I managed to get something on here on the same day as I'm posting it (even though it's quite late now I admit that). 
today however, I met my boyfriend for his dinner break and we went to a pub in the city centre for some food and football. I had this lovely meal, sausage and mash.
three sausages (!) with a lovely homemade mash, gravy and onion chutney on top. you just got to love a pub meal and some football on a sunday. 
(and yay for united winning 2-0!)

so that was another week full of food. 
if you want me to post a recipe to any of the above just let me know in the comments.


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