6 Sep 2012


Yesterday was a rather busy day again. I spend most of the day with my dad and some friends of his.
I went to my dads place which is where I grew up. It's a small small small place in Western-Styria called Graggerer. you can see some pictures of it here.

then we went to this lovely austrian pub kinda thing (Mostschenke) close to my dads where we all had a lovely local speciality called Backhendl which is basically chicken parts in breadcrumbs. but it's all juice and flavourful inside and it's just brilliant.
not the most healthy thing to eat I have to admit but we don't have that more than once a year or so anyway. 

we were at the Mostschenke Neumann near St. Josef, for everyone who is planning to go somewhere in this region or who lives there anyway. it is a really nice place with a lot of space and a playground if you've got children. the atmosphere is very authentic and everyone was friendly. the food was perfect anyway, everything was handmade and the prices were absolutely adequate.

chicken parts in breadcrumbs. best with some lemon!

"Potato Salad with Pumpkin-Seed-Oil"
self-made potato salad with onions and our oil.
one of the best things ever!

it was a beautiful day. didn't think it would be but it was. and we were sat outside and enjoyed our meal and everything so it was a really good day. I was rather tired after but luckily so full that I couldn't eat anything for the rest of the day so I was able to just chill and do nothing. 

well except for thinking about the cake I'm going to make today. me and my mum are going to a bbq and we agreed that I'd make a cake for our friends and us. so I'll let you know about that later.

it's been quite a busy week. but I'm enjoying seeing everyone and spending time with the people I haven't seen for a while. and all the cooking and baking and eating is amazing anyway. plus it gives me a lot of things to write which is always a good thing.

hope you're enjoying the recipes I've posted. feel free to leave comments and ask me about things if you want to. 

I've recently created a facebook page aswell so you guys can like it and be the first to know about recipe updates. and you can message me on there if you need help with your recipes or anything else. 
here's my page: www.facebook.com/LullabyForPies

feel free to like it and message me as much as you want.


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