3 Sep 2012


On saturday I went to a friends party. and as always I just felt like I had to get at least a little something. I don't like going to someone's place (especially a party) without bringing something with me.

it was not really a birthday party so a real present thing would have been too much anyway. but to just bring a bottle of champagne or something? like everyone would?
that just didn't feel right either.

so I decided to make a cake. you can't really go wrong with a cake and a party can you? 
people will be there, at least half of them are going to want a piece of cake and the host can always enjoy it the days after the party (probably one of the best things!)
and even though it wasn't really a birthday party, it kind of was (too complicated to explain) so I thought this even needed a cake anyway.

but what cake should I make?

Well the decision to make a cake was made around 1 p.m.-ish and I had to leave for the party at 7-ish so at first I thought, just make a simple cake, it'll only take about one hour and you can just relax the rest of the day until you have to leave. sounds perfect doesn't it?

but when I start thinking about something like that I can't stop thinking about it, and thoughts started coming to my mind.
this party was a piano/birthday party. because my friends birthday was actually in june but he didn't want to have a party then and he had just got himself a (brilliant) new piano so he wanted to invite people so they could have a look at it.
so well, a piano party. well what comes to your mind? well the first thing on my mind was a cake in a the shape of a piano. obviously not possible for me to make. I love my kitchen but I just don't really have all the stuff I would have needed for that.

so what's the closest thing someone with a normal kitchen and a normal cake tin can do?

I have to be honest it didn't look that much like a piano. well how would it anyway. but if you're creative enough you can kind of see it. somewhere in there.
but I guess considering how much time I spent planning it (25 minutes or so) it didn't turn out that bad. I know I could have done better and if anyone ever has a piano party again I will start at least one day earlier. 
but trying things is one of the most important things when you want to get better at cooking and baking, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to share this with you.

The cake itself...
was just a normal base (like my peach cake but with butter) with cocoa and a whiskey-buttercream filling.
and of course the chocolate icing (dark chocolate and white chocolate for the "keys")

the most important thing for me was that my friend was really happy about it and the people at the party said it tasted really good (after 4 hours in the kitchen I didn't really feel like cake).

so maybe one day I'll be able to make a perfect piano cake. I'll let you know ;)


P.S. I know the pictures aren't perfect. it just never worked to get the real colour. but I guess everyone knows what dark and white chocolate look like.
thanks again to geraintphotography.co.uk for trying to help me.

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