26 Sep 2012


bonjour mes amis and everyone else,

if you're following my blog you've probably noticed that I haven't been posting anything for the past week or so and you probably know that this is because I went to France for a week.

well and I promised to bring back some impressions and some french food. and of course I did!

I'll be posting about my culinary impressions and ideas soon in another post but for now I just want to talk about my holiday in general because it was just amazing.

I'd been to France before and I've seen many beautiful places such as the Côte d'Azur last autumn. but I'd never seen Paris.
and Paris is one of those places you just have to see at least once in your life, that's what I thought, I guess now I know that I'm definitely coming back.

we stayed in a gîte not too far away from Paris and pretty close to Disneyland. it was really nice and calm, the only noise were the geese who were living there.
it was called La Ferme Des Près, you can look for it just in case you are looking for a place to spend a family holiday. 

so since we stayed not far away from Disneyland and everyone else was a Disneyland lover (not saying I'm not, I'd just never been before) of course we went there aswell. not only once or twice...but I have an annual pass now anyway so who knows when I'll be back there. I will be sooner or later anyway. 

but the past part about the holiday was Paris, I'd been looking forward to this for so long, and not just because I was going to see Paris, but also because we were going to see Charlie Winston!
we'd found a place where we could stay the night which was perfect because the gig only ended really late so we spend wednesday and thursday in Paris, not enough time for a place like this obviously, but it was amazing and I just can't wait to go back!

so the whole week was pretty much perfect, spend time with some amazing people and tried to speak french again, I'll work on that until next time.
I want to thank everyone who made this week possible and who was there with us. it was amazing and I'm hoping to see you all again soon. 

so here are some pictures for you that I took during the week, and as I said I'll be posting about the food real soon, I promise!

the geese

notre dame

Mr. Charlie Winston

tour eiffel


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