14 Sep 2012


I've been meaning to make pitas for a while but I never really got round to it even though it really isn't that difficult. 
I made the chicken korma the other day and we didn't have all the ingredients I would have needed for Naan bread (and it was sunday and all shops are closed on a sunday, when you're in Austria) so I decided to give the pita bread a go. I think there's nothing wrong with mixing food cultures.

all the recipes I found on the internet confused me a little because they were all slightly different. but luckily someone in a facebook cooking group had already made some herself and she gave me the recipe. it was a lot easier and clearer than the others. and that way I used it to create my own pita recipe. I'll improve it again though I hope.

plus I'm going to make a greek food day sometime soon so I'll definitely use it again then. looking forward to it.

Pita Bread

(for about 5 pita breads)
400 g flour
1 packet of yeast
250 ml lukewarm water
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp olive oil

mix the flour, sugar and salt on the worktop
and make a well in the middle.
mix the yeast with the water and the oil and pour
into the well.

using a fork or your hands carefully
make a dough by mixing all the ingredients

knead the dough until smooth,
place in a large flour dusted bowl.
leave to rest in a warm room
for at least one hour.

preheat oven to 250°C with the
baking sheets inside
(it has to be that hot because originally
pita bread are made in a stone oven thing
with a lot more heat than we usually use.
that's also why you have to heat up the baking sheet)

divide the dough into equal portions
(choose size yourself).
on a floured surface make each piece into a ball.
then cover all of them with a kitchen towel.
leave for about 10 minutes.

flatten the balls and leave to rest
for 10 more minutes under the kitchen towel.

then carefully roll them into circles and
place on baking sheets. (hot!)

bake for about 4 minutes until the puff up.
flip them over after that time and bake
for about 2 more minutes.

bon apeitit! (hot!)


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