2 Sep 2012


I promised you a recipe using my onion chutney, and here it comes.
the other day I made these delicious wraps. and they're so easy too. and perfect for when you want a light but filling snack or lunch.

you could even make a few of them and serve when you have people around.

I did this recipe with goat's cheese because it just goes perfectly with the chutney and because I just love it.
but if you're not a fan you can do wraps with basically anything.

how about some salmon and with honey mustard dill sauce and cream cheese?
or just some grilled veg?

you can basically do anything and you can add things to this recipe or whatever you want. hope it'll give you some inspiration. because it doesn't always have to be a sandwich.

Goat's Cheese Wraps
For about 2 wraps
100 g flour
160 ml water

goats cheese
onion chutney (or any other chutney)
salad, avocado, tomatoes
lemon juice to marinate the avocado

mix together the flour and the water.
Heat up a non sticky pan and pour in the mixture
To make a thin wrap. Repeat for the second one.

Let the wraps cool down a little then start arranging
The other ingredients.
Start with the salad to give it extra stability.
Add the sliced tomatoes and avocado
And put the cheese on last.
Finish it with a bit of the chutney.

You can add some nuts to make it crunchier.

Roll the wraps and secure with a toothpick.
Cut in half to make it easier to eat.


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