6 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Bank Holiday Fun

Bank Holiday Fun

today's topic for the blog every day in may challenge is bank holiday fun: my favourite ways of enjoying a long weekend off work. well as I am austria at the moment it was no bank holiday for me today. but it was the first day after easter break and being in the UK that I was back in uni in the morning. I enjoy getting up early and getting ready to go to uni as I know there'll be something interesting expecting me in my lectures as well as some lovely people.

after uni I met up with one of those lovely people for some tea and a long awaited talk about all sorts of things at a nice cafe near uni. afterwards I headed home for a little nap before going into town.

in town I met up with one of my oldest friends to celebrate her last written exam today. it was lovely seeing her again and I'm really proud of her as she's like my little sister. we had some drinks and then went somewhere else as we were all hungry and craving burgers for some reason. I had an italo burger which is a burger with parmesan cheese, tomato and rocket and absolutely delicious. 

I definitely had a lovely and busy day even though it was just a normal day and no bank holiday. I hope you had a good day too.


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Just Me Leah said...

Mmm, your burger looks delicious! x x